Taco Flavoured Chickpeas with Sweet Potato Mash

Taco Flavoured Chickpeas with Sweet Potato Mash

For a healthy and ethical alternative to meat in tacos, burritos etc. taco flavoured chickpeas work wonders. Simply fry the chickpeas along with some random veggies and add your favourite taco spices.

Sweet Potato Mash makes a nice side dish: roast some sweet potatoes with a generous amount of vegan margarine in the oven at a high temperature and add some finely chopped onions and garlic at the very end. Mash and enjoy.

For a complete dish, add a simple salad, such as the avocado-tomato one shown above.

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  1. All of this was delicious! It’ s easy to choose the vegan food with a great cook!

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